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The Life and Times of William Shakespeare
(as told by Wilde Shamrock!)

Plakat zur Aufführung

A look at the life and times of possibly the most famous author ever to take a pen in his hand. We bring you back to the golden Elizabethan age in English history. A time when the ‘Virgin Queen’ ruled over 5 million people and London became a prosperous European city where arts and culture thrived.

We look at the political, social and artistic influences that helped to make Shakespeare the artist he was. Although we look at the circumstances and tell the story as Shakespeare never imagined it would be told.

(Don’t worry students, you will love it.)

Mittwoch, 19. November 2014,
5,50 €
Verbindlich für alle Englisch-Kurse
der Jahrgänge 11 und 12

Wilde Shamrock Touring Theatre / Gisela Köneke