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Danny Morrison, a former Spokesman of Sinn Féin, visited the TGG

On April 25th, 2008 about 90 students from the TGG had the chance to meet former political activist and famous writer Danny Morrison to ask him several questions about his collection of essays “All the dead voices“ published in 2002.

The event took place at 8 o'clock in the assembly hall of the Ostersteg building which belongs to the TGG. After small prearrangements Danny Morrison began with his reading. He described the cover of his book “All the dead voices“ which showed many of his dead friends, to give the pupils an idea of the dangerous situation in those days. Thus he created a kind of entering into the main topic.

Thereafter he read out from an essay of this collection titled “Once a Volunteer“, which was dedicated to one of his friends. The essay was about the collaboration with people belonging to Sinn Féin and hoping not to be exposed by the police.

After giving the students an insight into the topic matter they had the opportunity to ask him some questions. The interest was so great that the pupils assailed Danny Morrison with many questions and he was very eager to answer them very open-heartedly and at great length.

In spite of such abundant interest he never lost his affability although the questions were sometimes rather personal and direct. The students got to know him as a very friendly man, which they'd never expected. So on the whole the event was a complete success.

Text: Kevin, Niklas, Christian und Julia (11a)

2008-05-30, ay