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A ‘Full English Breakfast’ at School

Hello! A couple of months ago, my class and I were listening to a story about a boy from Germany who was eating a ‘Full English Breakfast’ for the first time. Therefore, we wanted to try it too.

We all paid 4,50 € and were served a delicious looking buffet. We had many different things to eat or try that were presented on a long metal plate. For example, the typical baked beans, grilled tomatoes, and toast. However, we did not just eat the toast by itself. We ate some orange marmalade on top of it. It was a bit bitter but tasty. But there were other things to try too! We had sausages, eggs, French toast, hash browns and much more. While eating we got thirsty. We had some different drinks like orange juice and some breakfast tea.

Foto der Theater-Exkursion der Klasse 6a nach Oldenburg (Januar 2023) Foto der Theater-Exkursion der Klasse 6a nach Oldenburg (Januar 2023)

We all sat together on a table, ate, talked and most importantly had fun. We ate in the TGG cafeteria. After we all finished, we had to put our dirty dishes into a container and of course, we had to thank the people who made the food.

It was great and all of the food was amazing, but my personal favourite was French toast. I can only recommend an English breakfast to everyone who would like to try something new.

Text: Marike (8em) / Bilder: Melissa und Angelina (8em)