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Work Experience 2004 – Stephan Bloempott

My Work Experience at Ravens Wood School IT Department was very interesting. There is a very good atmosphere in the IT Department. The people there are very friendly and I enjoyed working there. In the morning I commenced work at 8.30 and finished between 15.15 and 15.45.

Every day started with our switching on the computers in the IT Rooms. Then we worked in our office on teachers‘ laptops, which were broken or had a virus or ether problems. Once I had to set up a brand new laptop, which I found extremely interesting and also meant installing all the necessary hard- and software. Ravens Wood IT Department supports three primary schools in the Borough of Bromley. These are Hayes Primary School in Hayes, Princes Plain Primary School in Bromley Common and Castlecombe Primary School in Mottingham. So in the afternoons I went with one of the three IT Assistants to one of the Primary Schools. Most often I was with Mr B Essenhigh at Hayes Primary School , where we installed Anti-Virus Software, set up a new network connection (we also built the network cable) or worked on staff laptops. With Mr R Hole-Thomas I went to Princes Plain Primary School , where we updated and maintained the PCs. At Castlecombe, where I went with Mr R Wrench, we had to install a network connection and Mr Wrench had to climb up the loft (Where he nearly disappeared!).

In general I can say that I learned a lot about networks e. g. how to make a network cable. Because of lots of broken laptops we had to salve a lot of problems. That was rather interesting because I like to work on problems which are to be solved.

When there was nothing to do we sat there and talked a lot and had a lot of fun. This confirms the good atmosphere in the IT Department. I even learned how to walk through the school with a cup of tea without spilling it!

Text: Stephan Bloempott

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