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Work Experience 2004 – Paul Dziedzic

At first I want to thank Mr Haigh and the Ravens Wood School for making it possible for me as a German student to experience work in a small company here in England. I hope that this project will go on for the next years. I did not only experience how things are going on at work, I also improved my English. Because I was on pressure, I had to learn to understand people who were speaking a totally different way as we learned in Germany; I could speak, but not really understand.

During my WEX, which I did in a shop, I learned quickly to listen attentively to the customers because I didn‘t want to ennui the customers by asking them one question several times.

I also quickly learned how to use the machines because they were important for my daily work and it was sometimes important to develop films in a certain time (which could be one hour or even twenty minutes). Everything had to go fluently, because a mistake would be fatal: you can‘t replace photos. After the first three days I knew the basic instructions for the development of photos by using the negatives-machine, the printer (D-lab) and sell things like batteries or films.

I am extremely pleased with WEX placement and the WEX, it was also a positive experience for the employees and the employer (we even often talked about our countries). All in all I can only recommend the company I have been placed in and I hope that the students who will do their WEX in the next years will have such a good experience.

Text: Paul Dziedzic

2004-12-22, sb